Nail Growth Serum
Nail Growth Serum
Nail Growth Serum

Nail Growth Serum

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A savior for brittle nails, fragile nails that refuse to grow, the magic originates from nature and not from your favorite Manicurist!

As the healing power of garlic goes far and wide, our Nail Growth Serum is cooked with some to increase the circulation around your nails. Its natural blend of antioxidants, Biotin oil, Vitamin E, and Olive oil sinks in instantly to boost your natural nail growth and strength.

Are you wondering when the magic will happen? In only two weeks, which makes our Cuticle growth serum a beauty to behold. The solution is skin-friendly and you don’t have to worry about crinkles or horrible splitting nails.

No strong smell! Dries clear! I know you can’t wait to see how this natural serum helps your fingernails grow stronger and polished. This fairy-tale Nail Serum is an excellent investment for your nails!

To Use: Polish nails and cuticles with nail growth serum. If your nails are over the skin, apply the serum under your nails too. It’s best to do one hand at a time. Rub the serum into your nails and your cuticles for 5 minutes each hand. Or 1 minute per nail. Use twice a day to keep your nails hydrated and happy.


  • 100% Handmade
  • No chemicals
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Strictly for nail growth and shine
  • INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Biotin oil, Garlic, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil

Get the beautiful nails you've always wanted with Woo Me Beauty Nail Treatment Serum, packed with powerful natural extracts that hydrate, condition, and promote healthy nail growth.

Our profoundly nourishing nail growth serum for women helps restore moisture and prevents dryness, leading to breakage and cracking. Olive oil softens dry cuticles and protects against flaking, while garlic and Vitamin E oil prevent brittleness to ensure nails grow healthy and strong.

Lightly scented, our best nail serum for nail growth is ideal to use as a recovery treatment for dry and damaged nails, especially after removing gel polish. An intensive nail treatment can be used once or even twice a day until the nail is restored.

Additionally, Woo Me Beauty natural nail growth serum can be used to maintain healthy nails and cuticles - even while using gel polish - to prevent peeling and cracking. Its continued use helps smooth cuticles, reduce dryness, and maximize healthy growth. Keep your nails and cuticles healthy with our nail growth serum without any side effects.

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