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Nail Serum Kit

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The nail bottle is perfect while you're at home. Our nail pen is perfect for on the go nail touch-ups and fixes. The dynamic duo. Whether you're on the go or having a self care day at home

This nail serum kit, enriched with natural extracts, actively restores lost moisture and repairs damage caused by dryness. Regular application of this cuticle nail growth treatment kit helps improve the appearance of dry and damaged nails.

Healthy nails require regular maintenance. Our serum is formulated with active natural ingredients that protect nails that need a little TLC without the need for harsh chemicals. Its everyday use helps to soften the cuticles and increases the nails' resistance, reducing the risk of flaking and breakage.

This powerful synergy of natural ingredients results in a serum kit that is impressively effective yet gentle enough to use daily to maintain healthy cuticles and nails.