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5 Steps To Polishing Your Nails Like A Pro

5 Steps To Polishing Your Nails Like A Pro

We are all quarantine and practicing social distancing meaning self-care has to be done at home. A lot of individuals like myself are using this time to enhance some skills and learning from the pros. Celebrity nail manicurist Mimi blessed us with a video “Polish Your Nails Like a Pro at Home.”

This DIY video couldn’t have come at a better time. This video focused on getting the tight corners and not over flooding cuticles with nail polish. Here are her steps.


Step 1: Remove polish from the brush

Take off as much polish on both sides of the brush.


Step 2: Dip brush to get a small amount of polish on the tip of the brush.


Step 3: Try to get in nice and tight to the side wall, rotate the cap.

Rotate towards you when polishing the side closet to you. Rotate away from you when polishing the side furthest away from you.


Step 4: Pull the skin back to ensure the sidewall isn’t touching. Apply good pressure so the bristles flatten. Rotate the brush away from me.

When doing the cuticle turn the brush sideways, pull the skin back, and polish as close as possible.


Step 5: Polish as normal. Cap the free edge. Remove any polish with skin. Seal with topcoat.

All done!

If you want more tips and tricks on DYI nails. Check out Mimi D Instagram page @nailsbymimi.

Here is the video to learn more.